Performance Reading with Mitzi Szereto and “Alf” the Cockney Devil

Mitzi Szereto reads an extended excerpt from her short story “Hell is Where the Heart is” with “Alf” the Cockney Devil, played by Bob Boyton.

“Hell is Where the Heart is”, a Mephistopheles-inspired tale of a woman who sells her soul to the devil to get back the man she loves, was originally published in Mitzi’s anthology of short stories entitled Getting Even: Revenge Stories.

Performed in the corridors of the Royal Festival Hall, London in autumn 2008. Produced and directed by Paul Atherton of Simple TV Productions.

(It’s a long ‘un, so be sure to let the video fully load before viewing! You might also get improved playback if you click the lower right corner to take you directly to the Vimeo site.)

Hell is where the Heart is – Mitzi Szereto & Alf (Bob Boyton) – Reading an excerpt from Paul Atherton on Vimeo.

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One Response to “Performance Reading with Mitzi Szereto and “Alf” the Cockney Devil”

  1. Sharon Bidwell Says:

    That was excellent. A great idea, and I really enjoyed the story. Love the cockney language you’ve used. 🙂 I was enjoying that as much as the story, and it made me laugh my way through it. Wonderful expressions used to great effect. Good reading from you, too — I’d be nervous the moment someone pointed the camera.

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