That’s It, You’re Barred!

Mitzi Szereto and Teddy Tedaloo at London Bears and Friends Soiree

Mitzi Szereto and Teddy Tedaloo at London bears and friends soiree

Don’t worry, you’ve not accidentally stumbled into the Queen Vic to get a right old bollocking off Peggy Mitchell.

On the contrary, we’re talking strictly upmarket here. Indeed, the society event of the season has just passed. I’m speaking, of course, about the “Kristmist pinteded and fooded meetup for bearz and frendz”. Only a select few were invited to this exclusive London soiree arranged by Teddy Tedaloo, my bear and the talented Production Assistant Extraordinaire at Mitzi TV.

The event was organised via Facebook and attended by such London luminaries as Fred (a rambunctious chimp who can’t hold his liquor) and his human; Winston (a well-behaved dog) and his parents; Diane (who for some inexplicable reason had forgotten to bring Angus the penguin); and a mutual friend Geoff, who’s the only person in town I can get into a lively London-bashing conversation with.

Teddy Tedaloo and Mates

Teddy Tedaloo with Winston and Fred

Everyone met up on a rainy Saturday afternoon at a cosy pub tucked away off a main road in Maida Vale near Little Venice – a wise locational decision on Ted’s part, considering the Christmas shopping mayhem in Central London, along with what was threatened to be the biggest climate control protest to ever hit the city (whether it was or not, I’ve no idea). Being holiday time, Ted lucked in with two really posh bars of chocolate, which I’m hoping he’ll share with me. Mind you, so far he’s not made any move in that direction, though I live in hope.

Teddy Tedaloo and mates

Teddy Tedaloo and all his mates

It was decided that we needed a group photo to commemorate the occasion. Well, count on a man to sort things out. Geoff found the drunkest person in the pub to take it. After I explained to our photographer several times that he needed to push the little button on top of the camera halfway down to focus, then press firmly to capture the image, I began to suss that this geezah was no Ansel Adams. He eventually sat in a chair and proceeded to balance the camera on his nose, leaning so far back that I was certain he’d topple over and crack his skull (which might’ve been an improvement). Had he broken my camera I’d have decked him big time. Mind you, I should’ve decked that rough-looking barmaid who directed some rather rude species-ist comments our way. Good thing it isn’t customary to tip in pubs, or the beyatch would be down the soup kitchen. Having said that, she probably wouldn’t be unemployed for long. Peggy Mitchell would probably hire her, since the woman has just the right amount of “dead common” to qualify for a downmarket East End boozer!

Unfortunately, a brawl broke out between Ted and Fred, no doubt resulting from too much Cornish ale and some testosterone-infused cross-species rivalry. I tell you, you ain’t seen nuffink till you’ve seen a bear and a chimp go at it in bare-knuckle fighting. (Like, who needs “Fight Club“?) Ted was throwing jabs and hooks that would’ve made Muhammad Ali sit up and take notice! To be honest, I knew Fred would be trouble the moment I saw that chavvy bit of bling he was wearing round his neck. One of our party (whom I won’t mention out of concern for his/her personal safety) suggested that he might’ve been trying to get a bit funny with Ted; apparently the chimp isn’t averse to a bit of action, the likes of which I dare not mention in mixed company! Winston sat quietly at the sidelines, remaining well out of the mayhem and observing the fracas with cool canine amusement.

Teddy Tedaloo and Fred pass out from too much exertion and ale

Teddy Tedaloo and Fred pass out from too much exertion and ale

Thankfully by the end of the evening, everyone was friends again, though that gobby barmaid better not get near any of us in this lifetime, I’ll say that much.

Will we do it again? You betcha! In fact, we’ve already got RSVPs for the next “pinteded and fooded meetup”, which will take place sometime early next year! Though it’s unlikely we’ll be returning to the same pub. For one thing, that barmaid really got up our noses.

For another, we’ve been barred!

Teddy Tedaloo and friends

Teddy Tedaloo and his mates sober up for the journey home

Police videotape of the pub brawl between Ted and Fred

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10 Responses to “That’s It, You’re Barred!”

  1. dzakyem Says:

    Very well chosen language, dear Mitzi. Lively, funny. Well done!
    That’s a fun woman obviously having a sense for dodgy action. 😉

  2. mitzi Says:

    hey, i was the only one there NOT looking for dodgy action!

  3. Jacquie Rogers Says:

    My mule, Socrates, is very annoyed with me that I didn’t take him to this party, especially after reading your account of it. Still, he thought a counterpoint from Teddy’s point of view might be interesting.

  4. Barry Says:

    How ccould yyou havvve left me ouuouououuttt of ssuchh a Flapppp?
    Coming to CA to hug my wing feathers anytime soon?
    Grateful Fred

  5. mitzi Says:

    @jacquie – we’re planning another soiree in the new year, and you two are definitely invited!

    @fred – sorry mate, i am planning a trip to america after the holidays, but the bay area isn’t on the agenda this time around. you’ll have to preen without me!

  6. denise wheeler Says:

    Happy Holidays, Mitzi! You are so funny. I love the pic of Teddy and Fred. I know a few chimp’s who can’t hold their liquor too. Thanks for the laugh, and look forward to the next adventure!

    xx Denise

  7. Stacy Sobotka Says:

    My bear has more sophisticated tastes….he prefers a good cognac or brandy. He probably would be seen as a snob.

  8. mitzi Says:

    @stacy, well i’ve known those who prefer cognac who are not the least bit sophisticated! (not dissing your bear, mind, but someone else!). as for ted, he does appreciate a nice glass of wine…

  9. Jed Bramwell Says:

    What a fabulous time you all must had!! Wish I coulda been there!!! But how come Teddy and Fred got into a bar brawl??

  10. mitzi Says:

    you’d best ask them. i want no part of it!

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