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“When your midnight cravings come calling, Darker Edge of Desire is the book you want on your nightstand. Wedged between these covers are fourteen tales of seduction and submission, from lust most carnal to virginal awakenings—even (despite the title) moments of achingly tender sweetness. Darker Edge of Desire is a chocolate box assortment of stories that depict passion in all its varieties, most—but not all—of them with a supernatural twist, no two of them the same. Bon appetit.”—Alma Katsu, author of The Taker Trilogy

“In this collection’s great dark tales of sex and murder, fear and love, pain and pleasure, we see not only ourselves, but we also shine a candle on our collective past, and that is a powerful and exciting journey.”—Rachel Caine, author of The Morganville Vampires series

“Desire can be so intricately, beautifully twisted, so perfect in its dark and dangerous attraction that no other choice exists but to follow that compelling lure without regard to safety or personal danger, often down paths better not traveled. Yet following that twisted, dark and dangerous way is rife with promise even when tainted with despair. Is the lure truly the darkness, or is it hope? Hope for something more, for something sublime. There’s only one way to find out—all you need do is put fear aside and step into the dark, cross into the Darker Edge of Desire.”—Kate Douglas, author of Wolf Tales and Spirit Wild series

“All the subversive decadence of the classic risqué gothic is on display as 14 authors take it to new heights and dimensions, putting totally different spins on love, lust, and desire in this haunting collection. Drawing heavily on legend, myth, and fairy-tale traditions, the writers experiment with a fascinating variety of themes and characters—paranormal and otherwise—adding their own erotic, sometimes kinky, but always explicit touches to produce stories that are surprising, tantalizing, and terrifying—and definitely unforgettable. VERDICT Diverse, edgy, and infused with fantasy and horror, this chilling anthology of incendiary short stories is certainly not your typical Halloween romance anthology, but it will appeal to fans of the dark, erotic, and forbidden who don’t expect traditional love stories or ‘happily ever afters.'”—Library Journal

“Worthy of note is Gary Earl Ross’s ‘Sister Bessie’s Boys,’ a delicate story about growing up, overcoming loss, and truly attempting to know other people. Another strong story is Szereto’s own ‘The Dracula Club,’ about a Dracula-obsessed American who follows her dreams to Transylvania and finds more than she expected. The most Gothic of the successful stories, Jo Wu’s ‘Devoured by Envy,’ charts ballerina Giselle’s self-destructive obsession with a man who refused her sexual overtures and married another woman.”—Publishers Weekly

“For those who are willing to dive into the dark portions of their psyche, these gothic tales fit the bill.” —Midwest Book Review

“Darker Edge of Desire takes the reader into dark and forbidden places in our desires, sating every midnight urge, awakening others that might not have been recognized before. These tales are unique, diverse, and totally alluring.” —Portland Book Review

“This literally hot off the press volume offers fourteen sizzling variations exploring the flip side of submission and seduction, many from new talents who all display a wicked imagination to revisit fantasy and the supernatural with often startling and sexy new perspectives. Pretty hot stuff.” —Maxim Jakubowski for Lovereading UK

“Many moments of erotic bliss that required a cold shower to cool down. A good amount of horror too…vampires, werewolves, murder, and lots more from several writers you’ll want to keep on your radar.” —Living Dead Magazine

Darker Edge of Desire does not provide us with experimental horror nor does it give us neatly wrapped stories. What it does provide is excitement, scads of it. This book is really excellent, each story as delightful as the last.” —Fresh Fiction Review

“If you a looking for something a little edgy, sometimes morose, and often sinfully sexy, you will find it here. What I like about these stories is their originality. They are not your cookie-cutter romance or slasher tales. Here you have a fantastic collection of authors who give you captivating characters and unique story lines.” —Coffee Time Romance

“These are tales to sit back, dim the lights, make your favorite beverage (hot, cold, a little stronger perhaps), and the let the authors take you into darkness.” —The Itinerant Librarian

“If you’re picking up this book expecting a light and airy read then you’ll be quite shocked… This book is about the darker side of romance. This is perfect for those amongst you who like a little classic monster in your bedroom fantasies; it’s definitely kinkier, than something like 50 Shades of Grey. And there’s even some stories in here which are quite taboo.” —Belle About Town

Darker Edge of Desire has it all, Love, Passion and Sex! Mitzi Szereto beckons to the call, taking us with her into the risque world of the Gothic.”—Books, Reviews, Etc.

“These tales are sexy enough to have you craving the lights off but are spooky enough to have you thinking about turning on a night light.”—Writer in Progress

“If you like Goth and Gothic tales, this book will have you on the edge of your seat begging for more.” – Networking Witches

“Mitzi Szereto’s latest anthology marries the tropes of the Gothic genre with graphic erotic content. The results are surprisingly varied, transcending the clichés of windswept moors, haunted mansions and buried crypts to provide some impressively original tales.”—Lisabet Sarai for Erotica Revealed

“Reading this book is like knocking boots with all the things that go bump in the night — vampires and werewolves, witches and demons, ghosts of lover’s past and even a tormented Poe. The stories making the delicious spirits under the bed and hiding behind curtains buzzy vibrator worthy phenomenon.”—Quixotic Orchid

“It’s all black velvet, moonlight and Kir Royale.” —Malin James


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    This collection of short tales is absolutely wonderful–each so unique and well-written that,dark as they may be, they are a truly entertaining glimpse into the roads we generally DON’T travel. I definitely recommend this collection to adventurous readers.

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