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“For anyone who’s ever wondered what Paddington at Large would have been like if it had been written by Raymond Chandler—and who hasn’t? —Mitzi Szereto has the answer. Like Philip Marlowe, Szereto’s Thelonious T. Bear is a modern knight errant who plays it cool even as the light of suspicion shines on him. And like Paddington, he’s short of stature and long on charm. If you like your sleuths tough, cynical and cute as a button, Normal for Norfolk is the book for you.” —Steve Hockensmith, author of Holmes on the Range and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Normal for Norfolk has it all: magic, gritty realism, humor, cultural commentary, intelligence, charm, and suspense. The hero of this novel, Thelonious T. Bear, finds himself at the heart of a mystery. He’s a photojournalist like no other, a pub-loving, anthropomorphized bear who wears cologne and a deerstalker hat. I am eager to read the next book in Mitzi Szereto’s series.” —Janice Eidus, author of The War of the Rosens and The Last Jewish Virgin

A rural crime novel I found approachable and engaging, featuring an oddly detached hero who just happens to be a small bear…. I enjoyed my visit to Norfolk and I could certainly bear another outing (sorry)! The American magazine

Tongue-in-cheek humor, including some clever political and social commentary, hair-raising escapades, and eccentric characters that you know you’ve met before (in your own life!), despite their very Englishness, all add up to a laugh-a-line read. I loved this book.” —Readers Favorite Book Reviews

“Our tableau involves a bear, you see… and not just any old bear, but a teddy bear. Erm, make that a talking (also driving, employed, and somewhat-irritable) teddy bear (yes, really, so kindly lower those eyebrows!), positioned as the main character in author Mitzi Szereto’s—and writing buddy Teddy Tedaloo’s—delightfully-quirky spin on the traditional cozy mystery… I’m looking forward to Thelonious’ next big adventure… because after Normal for Norfolk, you just know there’s gotta be more to come.” —The Literate Kitty



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  1. Deborah Vornberger says:

    Looking forward to readng Mitzi and Teddy’s new book!!!

  2. Elena Barratt says:

    I really enjoyed Normal for Norfolk, it was funny, quirky and quite different to anything I have read before, I am looking forward to reading Rotten Peaches now as well.

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