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“Scintillating and suspenseful, this homage to Gothic fiction is a winner! Red Velvet and Absinthe scores with both sexy and scary thrills.” – Caridad Piñeiro, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost

“Scorching hot and deliciously sinful, Mitzi Szereto’s collection of stories of dark and preternatural hungers will have you panting for more.” – Adrian Phoenix, critically acclaimed author of The Maker’s Song series

“…For anyone who’s fantasised about being ravished by Edward Cullen or Jacob Black (that’s all of us then.)” – Glamour UK

“Run a hot bath, pour a glass of red wine, and slip into this enticing collection of sexy tales.” – Dianne Sylvan, author of the Shadow World novels

“From the southern gothic to fallen angels, this book offers exquisite and toe-curling romance, eroticism, danger, and a healthy dose of lust. The richness of this volume, like blood, chocolate and candlelight, cannot fail to please.” – Portland Book Review

“An intriguing collection of short stories filled with complicated relationships that, like absinthe itself, waver between being considered extremely dangerous and perfectly acceptable, depending on one’s perspective. Each tale is characterized by a sensual twist on typical paranormal tales and is filled with lyrical and eerie imagery to give the reader chills and thrills while reading the stories.” – Night Owl Reviews

“The chilling excitement and mystery of gothic-inspired erotic romances.” – Shelf Awareness

“The stories were superb and the sex sublime. This was an awesome collection of paranormal erotica, probably the best collection I have ever read.” – Rambles.NET

“With truly bizarre and just slightly paranormal and everything in between, Red Velvet and Absinthe offers readers many delicious stories to choose from.” – She Knows

“This is a lush anthology of paranormal romance…. Although sometimes erotic, these stories don’t skimp on the emotional depth.”– Fresh Fiction

“Each short erotic tale will take you by the hand and lead you dreamily down the primrose path and the beauty of the journey is never knowing if you will come back alive.” – Open Book Society

“The darkness and desires enveloping the characters within these stories makes for an altogether fascinating read. Whether it is a vampire, werewolf or spectral being there is something in all of them that you can recognize… Each of these authors will enrapt you with the depth of their characters and the complexity of their storylines.” – Coffee Time Romance

“Regardless of one’s personal taste in terms of relationships and of literary labels, what really counts is the quality of fiction… If you’re not too prudish and if you appreciate good fiction, I’m sure you will enjoy this book.” – The Short Review

“…all these stories embrace the emotional and sensory richness integral to the Gothic tale.” – San Francisco Book Review

“Fifteen different variations on the subject of the supernatural will keep the reader entertained from the beginning to the end. This book has something for every taste.” – Sensual Reads

“…Definitely for the romantic part of your soul, so be prepared to let that part out, light a fire, some richly scented candles and indulge your senses in this book.” – Daemon’s Books

“I urge all lovers of paranormal erotic romance to pick up this anthology! Perfect reading for those cold, autumn nights.” – Read All Over Reviews

“Haunting, Intriguing, Sensual, Curious, Lustful, Spellbinding, Hot… There is something here for everyone.” – Romancing the Book

“Altogether lovely, haunting, and deliciously decadent, you’ll be snuffing out the candles long before you’re done, if only to hide your own gothic touch beneath the sheets!” – Bibrary Book Lust

“Editor and writer Mitzi Szereto chose the stories, skillfully pulling together a whole collection yet allowing each story to maintain a unique voice… The collection holds a seductress in a painting, a vampire who stars in a hit television series, a doll made from scraps and wax, and the list of oddities continues.” – Luxury Reading

“These stories bring out an atmosphere of intrigue, full of dark and twisted emotions we can all feel in the right light…in this case it is candle light that will inspire us… Deliciously Gothic.” – Love Romance Passion

“These stories are about atmosphere and Otherness, and amping up the latent sexual tension of the gothic classics into something more palpable. Really well done.” – The Book Rat

“Dark, dirty, passionate, and paranormal… Great stories with erotic element firmly in place.” – Getting Naughty Between the Stacks

“This is a first rate collection of stories.” – The Reading Life

“Having literary pieces of art and being focused on more than just the sex is one of Mitzi Szereto’s styles… a very enjoyable read.” – Pop My Cherry

“The authors are all wonderful story tellers, weaving their own versions of Gothic Erotica.” – Blood, Lust and Erotica

“…Fear coupled with love and anticipation makes a good couple. Maybe that’s the reason why a lot of girls around the world never stop dreaming of a vampire to bite them and bring them to his mysterious, yet romantic world, a world of forever… To every girl out there or any young adults who want to enjoy a good romantic goose-bump read, you should grab this one!” – Bookshelf Confessions

“That sense of richness and decadence is prevalent throughout this anthology. …This is definitely a book that should be on the radar of people who like their stories darker and their romance a little naughtier.” – What Book Is That

“All of these short stories explore romance of a different kind, be it Vampires, Werewolves, or unexplained otherworldly creatures.” – Vampire Romance Books

“Szereto’s collection features paranormal crossovers involving wolves, vampires, and bloodlust, and it was all of spicy and hot, as it was compelling and engaging.” – Caffe Vitale.

“The focus here is on quality writing and story-telling… If you like the paranormal or are turned on by the unusual, I can’t recommend this enough.” – Of Sex and Love

“Among these tales you will find werewolves, vampires, ghosts and the darker side of passion; it’s perfect to make your toes curl, while snuggled up on a cold autumn evening.” – Jane Austen Prequels and Sequels

“The passion you discover is worth sneaking off into the bedroom with your other and discovering your own passion. Just beware of what lurks in those corners…” – All I Want and More

“An enjoyable read.” – Bzzingbee



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