Rotten Peaches (The Thelonious T. Bear Chronicles)

ROTTEN PEACHES (THE THELONIOUS T. BEAR CHRONICLES)by Mitzi Szereto, co-authored with Teddy Tedaloo

Rotten Peaches (The Thelonious T. Bear Chronicles)

(Book #2)

(Available in trade paperback and e-book formats)

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“Animal Dwarf Bandits” with Tommy Guns are on a crime spree in Georgia!

Dillinger-style bank heists are being committed by a dangerous gang of little people wearing animal masks. Enter ursine photojournalist Thelonious T. Bear. Still smarting from his misadventures in Norfolk, he’s eager to begin his assignment in the American South. However, Thelonious soon learns that the South isn’t all fried chicken and sweet tea. In between encounters with a trigger-happy farmer and a fire-and-brimstone preacher with a snake, he’s stalked by a man in a red pickup truck and nearly bear-napped by a family of hillbillies. Thelonious’s resemblance to one of the bank bandits puts him on the radar of Sheriff Maynard Grizzle and budding reporter Nate Jessop, both of whom are convinced he’s in the gang. As the robberies gain more media attention, locals smell fame in the air. Suddenly everyone wants in on the action. And Thelonious finds himself at the heart of yet another series of crimes!

“A fanciful bank robbery in a small-town Southern community entwines a clever British bear as he suffers culture shock. Sweet tea, grits, no hold on the satire. Prepare to be tickled!”—Vicki Hendricks, author of Fur People

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