The World’s Best Sex Writing 2005

The World's Best Sex Writing 2005THE WORLD’S BEST SEX WRITING 2005—edited by Mitzi Szereto

(Available in e-book)

Here is the year’s best nonfiction writing on sex, for the first time expanded to include contributions from overseas. It includes an interview with Harry Reems of Deep Throat fame, essays on the growth of asexuality, the XXXChurch, “sexperts” and their lack of qualifications, sex in Japan, and alternative sexual practices. Publications featured include Wired,, Village Voice, the Spectator, the Guardian (London), the Sunday Times (London), the Erotic Review (London), and more. The distinguised and varied list of contributors includes: Dave Barry (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and columnist for the Miami Herald) on sex, men, and fruit flies; Nigel Planer (novelist and actor) on the sexual allure of Tahitian women; Ron Nyswaner (screenwriter on Philadelphia) on his sexual and emotional domination by a male hustler; Toni Bentley (former ballerina) on her obsession with anal sex; Steven Rinella (novelist and journalist) on his discomfort watching a friend’s wife strip; Jeannette Angell (novelist and professor) on her experiences as an escort; Jonathan Margolis (novelist and author of The Intimate History of the Orgasm) on the obsession for orgasm; Sebastian Horsley (controversial British artist who underwent crucifixion as part of his art) on the benefits of no-strings, paid-for sex with prostitutes; and others.

“…From oral sex to anal, from a tribute to porn opponent Andrea Dworkin to an interview with porn star Harry Reems. There are explicit descriptions of sexual experiences, but it’s not all fun and games: Sarah Klein examines the controversy around labioplasty and other vaginal cosmetic surgeries, and Steven Kurutz offers a sometimes hilarious article about the fallout from Alabama’s incomprehensible outlawing of adult sex toys. There’s even a Dave Barry essay about what horny men can learn from the male fruit fly…. It’s all about sex, indeed—but much of it is far from erotic.”—Publishers Weekly

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