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“Knees Up Mother Brown”

by on Aug.07, 2009, under Videos

Mitzi TV goes for a right old knees-up at a proper authentic English “local”, The Duke of Kendal pub in Central London, where all forms of madness ensue. From colourful characters to rude Cockney songs and operatic arias, this is English eccentricity at its very finest!

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  • LibraryGuy (Craig)

    Hi there!

    I wonder if they’d allow me to lead them in a rousing chorus of the pornographic rugby song “Yo Ho”? I tried looking up the lyrics online, but they were slightly different from the ones that I was familiar with.

    If they don’t allow offensive drinking songs, I’d be forced to go into my poorly-rendered version of Hendrix’s “Red House”. That would be bad, since I was actually saving THAT song in case I ever wind up in a Chicago blues club early in the morning on the run from gangsters who are after my Playboy magazine which contains important illegal information cribbed in the pages of the centerfold unbeknownst to me and then have a little-known yet legendary bluesman tell me: “Nobody gets offa this stage without singin’ the blues”.

  • mitzi

    you’d have to get it past june first. if she’s cool about it, you’re in, mate!

  • Amy

    So THIS is why I always want to break out into song when I’m drinking! It’s genetic!!

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