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Prowling For Eels

by on May.25, 2009, under Videos

Mitzi TV goes on the prowl in London in search of an East End “Cockney” delicacy, the famous jellied eel… (Turns out these scary denizens of the deep weren’t our cup of tea. We should’ve ordered the pie and mash!)

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  • Mr D

    I laughed so much when I saw your reaction to the eels. Loved the dogs as well. Seemed to work best when you were just being you as opposed to reading something that was scripted, but a valiant first effort. (all the creative criticism that you taught us is coming in handy now)

  • mitzi

    Thank you, Mr D. 😉

  • Mr D

    No problem. Let mine be the first of millions.

  • Enric

    Nice! Love the HD (watched full screen on my 27″ Dell HD monitor.) Those eels looked scary.

  • mitzi

    they WERE scary! at least you got to hide safely behind your 27″ Dell HD monitor. i had to get up close and personal! :-S

  • Jude Mason


    What a hoot. I’m still chuckling. As a Canadian and a huge outdoorsy type, who has both hunted and cooked an enormous variety of wild game and fish, I applaud you for trying the eel, but I’d love to get you in my dining room. I might have to strap you to a chair, but hey, you might like that part.

    Seriously, it was great fun to watch and although you looked a tad nervous, I think you did splendidly.


  • mitzi

    yeah i was nervous alright – i knew i was going to have to eat the things, and eat them on camera! :-S

  • Patrick Erjavec

    What’s that nose squiggle.. That bad?? 😀

  • dzakye m

    I loved your video, thanks! (I love the name ‘Mitzi’ too). But let’s talks about ‘eel’.

    I really think that our past culinary habits have to be encouraged, rediscovered. Listening to just one language at home restrains the capacity of your ears, the same with standard food, it restrains our palates’ capacities.

    Eel is quite a fat fish but so is salmon. Why is the latter popular whereas the first isn’t. Eel does taste good if you like fish! It is just fish.

    jelly + eel = disturbing; as many eery passages of ‘the Hounds of the Baskervilles’ referring to moist and oozy places! Is it because these qualities were tabooed by our ‘civilized’ society. Actually, that’s a bit wrong too; discovering Asian food sometimes brings us back there.

  • horserunaway


    Loved the doo in prowling for eels

  • mitzi

    i hope you’re talking about my hair!

  • mitzi

    i actually like eel – in sushi, where it’s grilled and has a nice thick teriyaki sauce on top. this just tasted like fish that wasn’t very nice. served cold in that jelly, it is just really wrong!

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