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“Adventurous sex, Paris, New Orleans and countless exotic locations plus a dash of the supernatural: how could I not love Mitzi Szereto’s new novel about the very much live afterlife of Oscar Wilde’s wonderfully dissolute character? It touches all my buttons and begs to be read after dark…” – Maxim Jakubowski

“Mitzi Szereto writes this compelling story with poetic fluency. The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray is a hedonistic rush that doesn’t shy away from the darker side of passion. I loved it!” – Sam Stone, author of The Vampire Gene Series

“Szereto’s elegantly written novel picks up where Oscar Wilde left off with the continued adventures of the corrupt and seductive Dorian Gray, a man blessed (or cursed?) with eternal youth and a portrait that ages in his stead. Gray’s hedonistic adventures take him from Paris to Marrakesh and beyond as he explores increasingly extreme and inventive debaucheries. Sizzling erotica that would make Oscar Wilde blush!” – Lucy Taylor, author and winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel

“A debauched adventure through time and decadence! Szereto brings an authentically ‘classic’ voice to this modern tale of Dorian Gray, who descends from masterminding orgies to slavishly sodomitical obsequiousness to ultimately staging cruel seductions using his ageless beauty—deeds that can only serve to make his well-hidden portrait grow more monstrous. A sequel that would make Oscar Wilde turn red!” – John Everson, author of Siren and NightWhere

“Mitzi Szereto never ceases to amaze with her originality and daring. Her imagination seems limitless. In this intensely sensual novel, a hedonistic Dorian Gray is conjured up as never before. With extraordinarily lyrical prose, she paints a portrait of Dorian that will stay with you forever.” – Janice Eidus, author of The War of the Rosens and The Last Jewish Virgin

“If you like seeing your favorite characters in flagrante dishabille, then you’ll enjoy this passionate and daring novel as a sequel to Oscar Wilde’s classic.” – San Francisco Book Review

“A gothic, erotic thriller.” – The Huffington Post

“The fascinating tale of Dorian Gray continues in this creatively styled tale of sin and redemption. Ms. Szereto’s unique writing style brings a sense of the everyday man to the supernatural figure of Dorian Gray. With its erotic twists and turns, this story of decadence is not for the faint of heart.” – Coffee Time Romance

“Szereto’s use of language is faithful to the original, even in the frequent sex scenes. She’s a novelist who knows how to construct a coherent plot, and she treats Oscar Wilde’s book with respect.” – The Gay & Lesbian Review

“I am sure that if (Oscar Wilde) were alive today he would shake the hands of Mitzi Szereto for doing what he couldn’t do in his lifetime.” – Night Owl Reviews

“The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray takes Oscar Wilde’s creation to new levels of sin.” – The Novel Approach

“Mitzi Szereto obviously has a love for the original tale. It shows in her mastery of Wilde’s romantic and flowery writing style, but she also makes it her own, such as what she does with this re-telling.” – Vanessa Clark

“It takes a brave writer to attempt to finish Wilde’s story. Mitzi Szereto does so beautifully and with lyrical prose. She has modernized the story and she gives us a main character that is impossible to forget. What I really like is that she has taken a classic story and made it hers without harming a word of the original and making the sequel a reading guilty pleasure.” – Reviews by Amos Lassen

“This is strong writing, as is to be expected from a celebrated author of Szereto’s calibre. The title excites where it needs to, relays a compelling narrative, and continues the story of one of literature’s most enduring characters. Definitely worth the read.” – Erotica Revealed

“This is the book that Wilde wishes he could have written a century ago–complete with the explicit, naughty details. I’m sure he would be grinning from ear to ear as he read this creative new book, inspired by his own imagination.” – Geeky Nymph

“Szereto presents the reader with a piece of dark erotica with an undertone of the paranormal…. If you aren’t afraid to spend a little time in the shadows give this one a try.” – That’s Erotica

“The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray is first rate escapist reading with lots of interesting plot twists and turns.  It is not for the homophobic.” – The Reading Life

“Get your reading glasses on and get your hands on our recommended title for December 2013.” -Erotica UK

“Dorian is a bastard, but it’s a fantastically well-told story… It confirms once and for all that Szereto is a well-rounded and talented novelist.” – Erin O’Riordan

“Far from a typical reworking of the original, Mitzi Szereto uses her love of Wilde’s book to reimagine a life for Dorian Gray that explores so much more than Wilde’s intentions.” – The Jeep Diva

“Dorian flits from what at first just seem sexual relationships but at times become challenges or even romantic. Dorian’s conquests range from the virginal to those who may be darker than he. Does Dorian get topped? You bet his sweet ass he does!” – Cara Sutra

“If you like erotica, historical English Novels, murder and more?  This book is for you!” – Networking Witches

“And bravo to Ms Szereto for a tale so brilliantly imagined and so eloquently told!” – Tamsin Flowers

“If you enjoy exceptional writing and can enjoy a book for what it is, please consider picking The Wilde Passions Of Dorian Gray.” – Mr. Wills House of Thrills

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